Why Is Having Rhinoplasty In Turkey Cheaper?

Medical tourism is a booming industry in Turkey, and cosmetic nose reconstruction is especially popular. The price of this type of cosmetic surgery often includes a flight to Turkey, stay in a 5-star hotel, get your procedure professionally done, and fly home for significantly less than the cost of a similar medical procedure in most Western countries. 

Rhinoplasty in Turkey is cheaper

But why are nose reconstructions, also known as rhinoplasties, cheaper in Turkey?

Rhinoplasties, also known as nose jobs, are relatively inexpensive in Turkey compared to other countries because of the lower cost of medical supplies, the abundance of medical tourism clinics, and government subsidies for medical education, the lower cost of labor, and the current exchange rate.  

Undergoing this treatment allows you to visit the city, and do some sightseeing as well. No one back home will even notice you had surgery, and you will see many around you in Turkey with a bandage wrapped around the nose, so you are definitely not the only one!

Turkey offers a wide range of medical tourism, with many people coming from countries like the USA, Germany, the UK, Sweden, and Norway. Turkey’s regional location makes it convenient for travel from a wide range of countries in Europe and the Middle East, and an abundance of medical clinics, plus a well-developed tourism infrastructure has helped Turkey be a world leader in medical tourism. 

What sort of rhinoplasty surgeries are offered in Turkey?

Rhinoplasty is the medical term given to aesthetic surgeries performed to reshape the nose. In these operations, non-aesthetic images in the nose can be corrected, especially the enlargement and reduction of the nose to give an aesthetic shape to the nose.

If you have a health issue, for example breathing problems, or if your nose does make you feel insecure and causes you anxiety, you have the opportunity to apply for nasal aesthetics.

  • Open Rhinoplasty: The surgery is performed with an open incision. With this incision, the inside of the nose and the tip of the nose can be seen and reshaped easier and more precisely.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: The incision used in the operation remains inside the nostrils. The nose is shaped by entering through this incision.
  • Nasal Tip Aesthetics: Nasal tips may be congenitally curved, wide, or lose their aesthetic stance with accidents or time. With Nasal Tip Aesthetics, drooping, wide, curved, long, high, narrow, or wide nasal tips can be reshaped, nose wings can be narrowed.
  • Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty: Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty is a method in which bone cutting and shaping procedures are performed utilizing three-dimensional sound waves. It gives great advantages since the nasal bones will not be broken during the procedure. The voice branches are cut precisely which happens in a controlled manner.
Talking with doctor about rhinoplasty in Turkey

Want to know more what Rhinoplasty means and if it is right for you? This article from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons answers those questions.

Why choose Turkey for your rhinoplasty destination?

There are several reasons to choose Turkey for a rhinoplasty operation. The high level of care, the price, the ease of making reservations, and of course the good results are the main factors to consider a clinic in Turkey.

Turkey is a world leader in medical tourism and is well-practiced in the process of helping people travel to Turkey for their procedures. Istanbul is a hub of air travel already, and there are many very good quality hotels in the city to stay during your procedure.

The clinic you choose may even arrange your airfare and hotel stay as an entire package. For many people, this entire package will cost significantly less than just having the surgery done in their home country. 

Some may worry that at this lower price, the standard of care may be compromised, but this is far from the truth. Turkish health care clinics are extremely high quality, and the doctors and other medical professionals are trained at world-renowned universities. The price, therefore, reflects not a cheaper substitute but instead an economy of scale, plus governmental support. 

Government support and subsidies

What do we mean with “governmental support” for the medical clinics in Turkey?

The first thing to remember is that university is free to students in Turkey, which means anyone with the natural skill set and the desire to do so, can become a trained doctor or nurse. 

Additionally, the government will guarantee jobs to healthcare professional graduates, meaning there is no risk to follow this education path, and therefore there is a healthy number of doctors and nurses in Turkey.

The government also has programs to support all forms of tourism, including medical tourism. These national flag carrier airlines are heavily subsidized and can provide high-quality service for a lower price. 

There are airports and public transportation infrastructure, especially in Istanbul, which has also been highly developed, allowing tourism to grow. As an effort to keep a flow of travelers coming to Turkey even in the off months, medical tourism has been officially advertised and supported by the Turkish government. 

Turkey also has a developed medical supply manufacturing system, a lot of which is developed for export. This allows the medical tourism clinics to access the highest quality equipment which is domestically produced and therefore lower cost. 

There is an International Patient Support Unit (UHDB) Translation and Call Center, with people who can provide information in German, Arabic, English, Russian, Persian, and French languages. They can help in providing easy access to all kinds of health services, especially for health tourism and the health of tourists. You can reach them on the following number: +90 850 288 38 38

What other sort of medical tourism does Turkey offer?

Aside from the nose surgeries described above, Turkey also offers a wide variety of other elective surgeries like laser eye surgery, dental surgery, in vitro fertilization services, plastic surgeries, cleft lip, and palate repairs, or just about any other procedure you can think of.

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